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  • HOW MUCH BUSINESS ARE YOU GETTING FROM YOUR 'NATURAL MARKET'? Marketing Articles | November 23 [url=]Akiem Hicks Bears Jersey[/url] , 2001
    I have a friend who is one of the top sales ... with a large life ... company. Tony was born in Italy and grew up near Naples. He moved to the US about 15 years ago. He was ... hir

    I have a friend who is one of the top sales producers with a
    large life insurance company. Tony was born in Italy and
    grew up near Naples. He moved to the US about 15 years ago.
    He was immediately hired by his present company because he
    had prior experience selling insurance to US military
    personnel in Italy.

    Tony soon discovered that a large number of Italian
    restaurant owners in the US city where he now lived were
    from a small village outside of Naples. Not only did they
    speak Italian, they spoke his dialect. It wasn't long before
    Tony was getting most of his business from these Italian
    restaurant owners. Nobody else can duplicate the 'natural'
    relationship he has with them. It's the primary reason why
    Tony became one of the top producers in his company.

    Tony's relationship with his clients illustrates the
    powerful advantage of capitalizing on a 'natural market'.


    A natural market is the portion of your target market that
    shares a unique personal characteristic with you. It
    automatically creates a relationship between you and a
    prospect in your target market for a PERSONAL reason. For

    Let's say you're a teacher or have been a teacher in the
    past. You're also a distributor for an MLM company selling
    healthcare products. You define your target market as people
    interested in preserving or improving their health and who
    are also interested in a business opportunity. Some of those
    prospects have the ADDITIONAL CHARACTERISTIC of being
    teachers or former teachers [url=]Tarik Cohen Bears Jersey[/url] , just like you. That's a natural
    market for you. You can communicate with them on a special
    personal basis.


    Potential customers are more receptive when they share a
    common background or a special interest with you. It's human
    nature to feel secure when doing business with someone we
    believe is just like us. This is especially helpful for
    promoting business on the Internet because prospects can't
    see or hear you 'live'.


    Start by making a list of different things you've done in
    your life. For example:

    * What professions or occupations are you engaged in (now or
    * What hobbies or crafts do you actively participate in?
    * What special interest clubs or associations are you
    actively involved with?
    * Do you have a unique national origin or speak a foreign
    language (like my friend, Tony)?
    * What unique special background or special experiences do
    you have?

    Each item on your list may represent a natural market you
    can use. However [url=]Mitchell Trubisky Bears Jersey[/url] , some will have more impact than others.
    The greater the uniqueness of the common characteristic, the
    more leverage it provides. Select the one with the most
    unique characteristic to use first.

    Your natural market is a more focused definition of your
    primary target market. Once you identify a natural market [url=]Anthony Miller Bears Jersey[/url] ,
    start using it in your advertising. Revise your present
    sales material to create special sales material specifically
    appealing to your natural market. Use the same marketing
    tactics you've been using but expand them to include this
    new segment of your target market. You'll unlock a
    completely new layer of business hidden in your existing
    target market. Article Tags: Natural Market, Target Market

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